All Man & Oak events can be customized to your specific needs, listed below are some of the most popular events!

Kevin Casey

"Old Port

Wine & Spirits"

The "Tour of Scotland"

The Tour of Scotland, pairs six Single Malt Scotches, highlighting the differences between the major Scotch producing regions of Scotland.  We'll pair each whisky selection with an outstanding aperitif.  



This tasting can be done at you're favorite bar or restaurant, let Man & Oak handle the details, you'll be given a list of Scotchs to choose from; no clue how to pick' try the Classic Malts from Scotland, (video) this one is a crowd favorite.

Stave & Thief "Certified Bourbon Steward" Training


Truly a special event, once a year Man & Oak will team up with Maine Spirits, The Maine Distillers Guild, and a local restaurant to bring you the most in-depth Bourbon training in the industry!

The Stave & Thief Society is the only Bourbon education course recognized by the KDA and the KY Bourbon Trail.  A sell-out event every time, subscribe to be notified of the next class!  


Private Restaurant Staff Certification


Here, Man & Oak will train you're restaurant staff under the 'Stave & Thief' format!  This training in more compacted to fit the needs of your establishment.  

This is also a great option for Corporate Events and Buy-Outs, call for a free quote.


Whiskey Blending Workshop


Here is another great option for Corporate Events and Buy-Outs!  Launching Winter 2018-2019, this event is like Science Class for Whiskey fans. 


Deconstruct, and reconstruct, a blended whiskey using beakers, graduated cylinders, pipits, and hydrometers.


Office Meeting/ Break-out event


Got to book a breakout event for you're groups Annual Conference?  Try a small-format whisky tasting.  Perfect for two hour time blocks and something for your groups to look forward to. 


Lisa Emery

"Seabasco Harbor Resort "

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