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As a company Man & Oak is on our way to getting a physical location!  This has long been a dream of ours, and I’m excited to share this news with you.


Recently, the state of Maine approved Man & Oak to eventually function as a 'Bottle Club.’  This will be a world-class Private Bottle Club, and Whiskey Education Center. 


Man & Oak Bottle Club will have close to 500 private bottle lockers.  Members can access their lockers, pour their own dram, or make their own cocktail to enjoy while in the comfort of the club, with numerus perks. 



With a limited number of lockers, and high demand for access to this club, we are giving you the opportunity to sign up.


Here are the options locker options:


·  We expect to have roughly 390 SMALL LOCKERS. These lockers will hold 1-2 bottles, and are $45 per month.

·  We expect to have roughly 145 LARGE LOCKERS. These lockers will hold approximately 2-4 bottles, and are $65 per month.

·  We expect to have 18 MASTER LOCKERS. These lockers will hold 10-12 bottles, and are $200 per month.



To donate: Go to the link below to view our Kickstarter page.



Thank you!

Man & Oak LLC.

Amanda Meir - OWNER

Michael Meir - Director

CELL:  207-321-9455

DIRECT: manandoak@gmail.com

OFFICE: manandoakoffice@gmail.com

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