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A Unique Experience

Man & Oak Bottle Club, the largest bottle club in the New England, offers members the opportunity to enjoy their personal bottles, in a luxury ambiance located in the midst of downtown Portland, Maine.

The club offers a relaxed atmosphere lending to a variety of opportunities: members can catch up on work, bring friends to gather, and/or meet others who share the same affinity for spirits.   Man & Oak Bottle Club provides a central location to connect with your group before or after enjoying Portland's dynamic foodie and cocktail scene.

Man & Oak also offers some of the most versatile educational experiences in the region.  With Spirits Suppliers, Brand Ambassadors, and Bartenders offering a wide range of classes, a member can learn about Barrel Aged cocktails, deconstructed Manhattans, and spirits from around the world.  Whiskey Ambassadors from around the nation will also host a steady stream of Master Classes.  

Man & Oak .... Not just for Men

The name 'Man & Oak' refers to my personal journey with whiskey!



I developed a passion for whiskey while bartending in the Caribbean in the early 2000's, and since then, the endless quest to educate myself about this spirt has been a life altering journey.


Oak is a crucial part of Whiskey, and a vital part in most aged spirits, Brandy, Rum, Amaros, Cordials, to Tequilla, they all depend on Oak.  Beyond distilled spirits, Oak even plays a key factor in Wine, Vinegar, and Beers.  This fascinating species of wood that affects so much change, this is what hooked me!    


While the name is a reflection of my journey; Man & Oak welcomes everyone to become a member, and explore all distilled spirits, not just whiskey!   

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